Saving The Planet One Exfoliater at a Time

Geography and cosmetics? Perhaps an unusual combination, but one that is becoming ever more important. This post is for all the make up and skin care lovers out there! Apologies if you find this topic dull- feel free to check out my other posts instead!

Ok. So since YouTube and Instagram EXPLODED, more of us than ever are building up impressive make up and skin care collections. Myself included. But is this sustainable? There’s over 7 billion of us on the planet. What’s going to happen if we all start collecting MAC lipsticks or shipping Two Faced products across the world? In a world of increasing  pollution, climate change and deforestation, one thing is for sure: it won’t be good.

So my beauty lovers,what can we do to help our lovely planet whilst still rocking the looks we love? We have to buy smart.

Avoid micro-beads

There is literally no need for products to contain these plastic balls of destruction. Companies put them in our toothpaste, exfoiliators, spot creams etc and we wash them down our sinks.Since they are made of plastic and don’t degrade, they end up in the oceans for years, often being ingested by fish and other marine species. Kudos to the US for banning them, and I hope many more countries follow. But in the mean time, across the world there are still loads of products on shelves containing these toxic little beads.

Ditch products with plastic mircobeads in! Photo credit: Ecowatch

My advice?  Use products that use natural exfoiliants! Companies like LUSH  and Liz Earle use natural ingredients like seeds or plant extracts to buff away dry skin. Unlike plastics, because they are biodegradable they don’t stick around for years.I’ll pop the links to some natural exfoiliants below.

Liz Earle:


Cut back on shipping

Oh Sephora. Why do you have no UK store? Seriously though, how many times do we end up shipping things across the world just so we can have the latest palette or lip kit? The amount of energy it takes to power these ships across the Oceans, transport the goods on land and then deliver them to our front door is crazy. Globalisation is great for us: we can have the latest product delivered to our door regardless of whether it comes from America, China or down the road. It’s not so great for the environment as tonnes of greenhouse gases are churned out in the process.

What can we do? Cut back on shipping. If you can pick it up in store, don’t order it to your front door because you’re lazy. If you want the palette, but you don’t really need it (because you have 5 other matte nudes in your drawer already) then do your bank account and the environment a favour and don’t ship it over from America. No one is saying to cut back altogether- but maybe try and reduce how much you ship/transport products that aren’t essential.

How badly do you really need that new lip kit? Photo credit: maritime connector

Cut back on waste

How frustrating is it to buy a product, take it home, and have to get through 23 layers of packaging to get to it? Not only is a it a pain in the a** but it creates so much waste. Where does that waste end up? Most likely in a landfill site (unless you recycle, but we get to that later).

One solution is to buy “naked” products. LUSH are quite big on this, and you will see loads of bath bombs, soaps and shampoo bars that ditch the plastic packaging. Pick up products that don’t have the excess packaging- there’s loads of lipsticks, mascaras and eyeshadows that don’t have cardboard packaging.

Get naked and ditch the packaging Photo Credit: Cosmopolitan

Recycle, Recycle, Recycle

So many products come in glass or plastic containers, which is then covered in cardboard packaging. Most of this is recyclable. Pop your paper or your cardboard, eligible plastics or glass in the recycling bin and reduce landfill waste. It doesn’t sound a lot but if we recycle things like plastic then ultimately less has to be made. Which is good for the environment and also great for not depleting our current resources such as oil (plastic is made from oil).

Some companies offer you incentives to recycle. For example if you bring back 6 (?) pots from LUSH then you get a free one. Yassss. Likewise, MAC offer you a free lippie if you return 6 containers. So save the environment and gain freebies? It’s a no brainer.

Free lipsticks and saving the planet? Yes please. Photo Credit: Organic Bunny


Hopefully these tips can help you to look fabulous whilst being mindful of the planet. There’s so many amazing companies out there making a difference, and supporting them is the best way to encourage them. Shopping spree anyone?




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