Field Trip goals- in the UK

I’ve been dragged on some truly dreary field trips. One involved being forced to hike up a steep hill in the freezing wind and rain, only to conclude that yes, this region was hilly. Thanks sir. Could have told you that from the coach park.

Yet, field trips have got to be one of the best bits about geography right? So I’ve put together some field trips (UK based) that are worth putting on the walking boots and waterproof trousers for…

The Zoo

Learn about: Conservation, climate change, biodiversity, environmental management

Have fun wondering around the enclosures and taking photos with your friends. Engage in debates about the ethical side of zoos and whether they do more harm or good whilst experiencing one in action.

Any excuse to see the elephants? Photo credit: Dallas Morning News

Lulworth Cove, Dorset

Learn about: Erosion, long-shore drift, coastal processes, tourism.

This trip involves a hike revealing breath taking scenery, a chance to see real life coastal processes in action as well as opportunities to ride in speed boats and sample the local fish and chips. Seeing the processes in person is always much more interesting than reading about them in a textbook.

Lulworth Cove. Photo Credit: Lulworth Dorset


Learn about: industry, housing, gentrification, tourism, locating buisnesses, transport

London provides so many opportunities to learn, whether you see all the tourist sites in one day or engage with the various transport options in the city. Explore some hipster neighbourhoods or learn about the changing industries of the city. Whatever you end up doing there will be ample opportunities for instagramable selfies.

London. Photo Credit: St Giles Hotels

Cadbury World, Birmingham

Learn about: Globalisation,  TNC’s, industry, sustainability and fair trade.

Not only does this provide really interesting geographical knowledge and case study potential, but a field trip here offers the chance to gorge on chocolate, go on rides, and take advantage of the amazing gift shop. Eating and learning about chocolate definitely beats oxbow lakes any day!

The Cadbury world gift shop. Photo credit: Cadbury World

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